ACS ACR39U Smart Card Reader

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  • ACS ACR39U USB CCID Reader
  • Standard Type A Connector
  • USB Port Powered
  • High-Speed USB 12 Mbps
  • 1.5m Fixed Cable Length
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Introducing the ACR39U Smart Card Reader, a cutting-edge device revolutionizing the realm of smart card technology. This sleek and compact reader seamlessly combines advanced features with a modern design, catering to the demanding needs of smart card-based applications. With a USB Full Speed interface and impressive read/write speeds of up to 600 Kbps, the ACR39U ensures swift and efficient data processing.

Built to last, the ACR39U boasts exceptional durability, capable of enduring 100,000 card insertion cycles. It holds various certifications, including EMV 2000 Level 1 and PBOC, positioning it as the ultimate choice for e-Banking and e-Payment applications. Compliant with PC/SC and CCID specifications, this reader supports a range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac, extending its versatility.

What sets the ACR39U apart is its compatibility with Android™ devices, enabling seamless integration with mobile platforms version 3.1 and above. This feature enhances its accessibility and usability across a broad spectrum of devices, making it an indispensable tool for various applications.

The ACR39U’s features are unparalleled, boasting a USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface for optimal connectivity. Its plug-and-play functionality, coupled with CCID support, ensures utmost mobility and ease of use. The reader supports a wide array of smart cards, including ISO 7816 Class A, B, and C cards, CAC, SIPRNET, and J-LIS cards, among others. Additionally, it offers robust security measures such as Short-Circuit Protection, safeguarding sensitive data.

From a technical standpoint, the ACR39U impresses with its compact dimensions of 72.2 mm (L) x 69.0 mm (W) x 14.5 mm (H) and lightweight construction of 65.0 g. Its USB CCID protocol and Standard Type A connector ensure seamless compatibility and power source directly from the USB port, eliminating the need for additional power sources.

Certified to meet stringent standards such as EN 62368/IEC 62368, ISO 7816, and EMV Level 1, the ACR39U guarantees reliability and compliance with industry regulations. Supported by a range of operating systems including Windows®, Linux®, MAC OS®, and Android™, this reader offers unmatched versatility across diverse platforms.

In summary, with its sleek design, robust features, and broad compatibility, the ACR39U Smart Card Reader stands as the pinnacle of smart card technology, offering unparalleled performance for various applications. Enhance your smart card experience with the ACR39U – the ultimate peripheral for your smart card needs.

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