Fargo HDP6600 Dual-Side ID Card Printer

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  • High-resolution card printer, 600dpi
  • Fast printing, up to 230/hr
  • Single or dual side printing
  • Large memory capacity, 1GB
  • Long-lasting warranty, 3 years
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Looking for the best HID FARGO HDP6600 printer in the UAE? Look no further than IDSouq, where you can buy this cutting-edge technology at a low price. The HID FARGO HDP6600, available at IDSouq, is the ultimate solution for organizations of any size needing retransfer printing technology. It’s perfect for issuing secure and durable high-definition IDs or cards at remarkable speeds.

With its high resolution of 600 dpi, the HDP6600 ensures superior text and image quality, making it ideal for various applications. Designed with cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness in mind, this printer provides unmatched efficiency while maintaining reliability.

One of the standout features of the HDP6600 is its ability to print up to 230 cards per hour, thanks to its innovative technology. The patent-pending iON technology ensures unparalleled printer readiness and intelligent temperature control, allowing for swift operation.

Moreover, the HDP6600 boasts retransfer-based wasteless lamination, which not only enhances security but also reduces material costs significantly. It’s also GreenCircle Certified, guaranteeing energy efficiency and sustainability.

Built on six generations of proven retransfer technology, the HDP6600 offers versatility to meet various card application needs. Plus, with multiple field-upgradable encoder options, it enables seamless printing and encoding in one step.

At IDSouq, we offer a range of options for the HDP6600, including dual-sided printing, wasteless lamination modules, and encoding modules for magnetic stripe, contact, and contactless smart cards. Additionally, we provide accessories like input hoppers, cleaning kits, and custom holographic overlaminates.

Looking ahead, the HDP6600 is set to introduce even more features and options, including dual input card hopper modules, physical locks for added security, and AES encryption for enhanced data protection.

In conclusion, the HID FARGO HDP6600 from IDSouq is fast, innovative, feature-rich, and reliable, setting a new standard in retransfer printing. Don’t miss out on this state-of-the-art printer for your organization’s needs. For more information, download the datasheet or visit IDSouq online today!

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