Nisca PR-C151 Mid Level, Dual-Sided Printer with Laminator

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  • PRC151-L: Mid-Level Dual-Sided Printer
  • Vibrant 24-Bit Color Printing
  • Plastic Card Printer: High-Quality
  • Compatible with XP, Vista, Win8.1
  • Optional Lamination with PR-L151
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Introducing the PRC-151 PVC card printer, a compact yet powerful solution tailored for your card printing needs. With its small footprint, this printer delivers exceptional performance, boasting 24-bit color and 256-grayscale capabilities. Ideal for businesses requiring high-security features, the PRC-151 offers security lamination and encoding options to safeguard your cards effectively.

One of the standout features of the PRC-151 is its remarkable printing speed, capable of producing over 144 cards per hour! This impressive speed ensures efficiency without compromising on quality. Manufactured with Nisca’s renowned quality standards in their ISO certified facility, you can trust in the reliability and durability of this printer.

Equipped to handle various card thicknesses ranging from 20 mil to 50 mil, including special orders for 10 mil thickness, the PRC-151 accommodates a wide range of card printing requirements. Whether you need standard CR80 cards or PVC composite materials, this printer delivers outstanding results with edge-to-edge printing capabilities.

The PRC-151 doesn’t just excel in performance; it also offers convenience and ease of use. Featuring an LCD display panel with backlight and intuitive operation buttons, navigating through printing tasks is seamless. Additionally, the printer’s compact dimensions make it suitable for any workspace, measuring just 16.57 inches in height, 10.66 inches in width, and 13.03 inches in depth, and weighing less than 26.61 lbs.

Compatible with various operating systems including XP, Vista, Win 8, Win 8.1, and Win 10, and supporting both USB and Ethernet interfaces, the PRC-151 ensures versatility and compatibility with your existing setup. Moreover, it comes with a 32MB memory size to handle printing tasks efficiently.

For added functionality, the PRC-151 offers optional features such as Mag Encoder and Contactless Encoder compatibility, along with a dedicated laminator for enhanced card durability and security.

Backed by UL/CSA/CE/FCC agency listings and an impressive warranty of 5 years, the PRC-151 guarantees peace of mind and long-term reliability for your card printing needs. Upgrade your card printing capabilities with the PRC-151 and experience unparalleled performance, security, and efficiency.

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