Hid Omnikey Smart Card Reader, 5422, USB, Grey

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The HID Omnikey Smart Card Reader epitomizes cutting-edge technology by seamlessly integrating both contact and contactless capabilities into a single, versatile device. This innovative solution boasts a dual interface, empowering users to effortlessly interact with both 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards and a wide array of contact smart cards, catering to environments that demand the utilization of both technologies.

Designed to offer unparalleled convenience, speed, and security, the HID Omnikey Smart Card Reader facilitates a myriad of applications, including user authentication to PCs, software, cloud-based platforms, networks, and websites. Its adaptability and efficiency make it an indispensable asset across various industries and sectors.

One of the standout features of the HID Omnikey Smart Card Reader is its driver-free installation, streamlining the setup process and ensuring hassle-free integration with standard PCs, workstations, as well as thin and zero clients. This plug-and-play functionality eliminates the need for manual driver installation, utilizing native supported CCID drivers within the operating system for seamless compatibility.

Among its many benefits, the HID Omnikey Smart Card Reader enhances security measures while simultaneously improving the user experience. It enables users to read and retrieve highly secure one-time passwords (OTP) from Seos® cards, bolstering data protection and fortifying authentication processes.

The versatility of the HID Omnikey Smart Card Reader extends to its broad compatibility with various card interfaces and credentials. It supports ISO 7816 contact cards, ISO 14443 A/B contactless cards, as well as popular credentials like CRESCENDO, HID iCLASS®, MIFARE® Classic, Ultralight, and DESFire EV1, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of existing systems and technologies.

For added convenience and functionality, optional accessories such as mounting kits, card holders for card presence operation, and standing bases are available, enhancing the overall usability and versatility of the device.

In summary, the HID Omnikey Smart Card Reader is a game-changer in the realm of smart card technology, offering unparalleled versatility, security, and ease of use. Its seamless integration of contact and contactless capabilities, coupled with its driver-free installation and extensive compatibility, make it the ideal choice for organizations seeking to enhance their security infrastructure and streamline their authentication processes. At IDSouq Online Store, we proudly offer this cutting-edge solution to empower businesses and individuals with advanced smart card technology that sets new standards in security and convenience.

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