Idemia MSO1350 Fingerprint Reader

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  • Reliable fingerprint verification technology
  • Ergonomic design for user comfort
  • Cost-effective identity verification solution
  • Match-on-device ensures information security
  • Ideal for IDSouq online store


Introducing the Idemia MSO1350 Fingerprint Reader, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern desktop applications. Personal identification is paramount across various sectors, from workstation access to cashless payments, and the MSO 1300 Series delivers exceptional performance in biometric authentication.

Powered by IDEMIA’s patented optical technology and fingerprint algorithms, these USB fingerprint readers offer seamless biometric login capabilities, enhancing client security with robust biometrics. The compact design ensures ease of use, while the match-on-device and match-on-card functions provide faultless protection of information, making it an ideal choice for the IDSouq Online Store.

With features like FIPS 201 and MINEX compliance, FBI PIV IQS certification, and extensive security measures including encryption and digital signatures, the MSO1350 ensures superior performance in enrollment, verification, and identification processes. Smartcard reader variants cater to Match-on-Card applications, further enhancing security protocols.

The MSO SDK facilitates swift integration into Windows, Linux, and Android platforms, ensuring seamless operation across diverse systems. Its compact design doesn’t compromise on fingerprint acquisition quality, with an optimized capture area for repeatable finger placement.

Powered by intelligent algorithms, these fingerprint readers not only deliver high-quality fingerprint images but also code/match templates securely, safeguarding user data. The advanced E3 variants boast FBI PIV IQS certification, STQC compliance, and the ability to detect a wide range of counterfeit fingerprints.

Join the world of secure and convenient desktop authentication with the Idemia MSO1350 Fingerprint Reader, available for purchase at the IDSouq Online Store. Enhance your security protocols and streamline your authentication processes with this state-of-the-art biometric solution.

For more information and to download datasheets and drivers, visit the IDSouq Online Store today.

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