Topaz T-S460-HSB-R SigLite 1×5 Signature Pad

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  • Efficient 3rd-Gen Touchpad Signature
  • Portable, Lightweight Biometric Solution
  • Forensic-Quality Capture, Easy Portability


Topaz T-S460-HSB-R SigLite 1×5 Signature Pad, an exceptional solution for electronic signatures at an unbeatable value. Designed by Topaz, a leading name in signature capture technology, this signature pad combines affordability with advanced features to meet the demands of various industries.

Ideal for businesses seeking a cost-effective yet reliable electronic signature solution, the T-S460-HSB-R boasts a 3rd-generation touchpad signing surface. This innovative touchpad ensures precise signature capture while optimizing cost efficiency, making it a perfect choice for organizations of all sizes.

Despite its affordability, the Topaz T-S460-HSB-R doesn’t compromise on quality. It incorporates high-quality biometric and forensic capture techniques, ensuring the authenticity and security of every signature. With this device, businesses can confidently streamline their document signing processes without sacrificing security or accuracy.

The T-S460-HSB-R’s compact size and lightweight design make it highly portable, allowing users to capture signatures conveniently wherever they go. Whether it’s in the office, at a client’s location, or during a business trip, this signature pad ensures seamless integration into various workflows.

One notable feature of the T-S460-HSB-R is its touchpad, which is protected by an optional replaceable overlay for extended durability. This thoughtful design element enhances the longevity of the device, ensuring reliable performance over time.

When it comes to software, the Topaz T-S460-HSB-R doesn’t disappoint. All Topaz products come bundled with powerful software tools designed to facilitate the capture, binding, and authentication of electronic signatures. Best of all, these software tools and updates are included at no extra charge, providing exceptional value to users.

In summary, the Topaz T-S460-HSB-R SigLite 1×5 Signature Pad offers an unparalleled combination of affordability, quality, and functionality. Whether you’re a small business, a large corporation, or somewhere in between, this signature pad is sure to meet your electronic signature needs with ease. Purchase yours today from IDSouq Online Store and experience the convenience and security of electronic signatures like never before.

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