Fargo DTC4500e Dual-Side Printing with Single-Side Lamination, Base model, USB and Ethernet ID Card Printer.

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  • Fast card printing, high resolution
  • Dual-sided printing option available
  • Secure data encryption feature
  • Includes Assure ID Solo Software
  • Large card capacity, efficient


Looking for a reliable, high-volume card printing solution in the UAE? Look no further than IDSouq’s offering of the HID Fargo DTC4500e card printer. Designed for medium-to-large sized organizations, schools, and government institutions, this printer delivers unparalleled versatility and performance.

The HID Fargo DTC4500e is equipped with dual-side printing and dual-side lamination capabilities, ensuring that your cards are not only printed with precision but also protected against wear and tear. With a robust print engine, this printer churns out cards with speed and efficiency, making it ideal for organizations with demanding printing needs.

But it’s not just about speed and volume. Security is paramount, especially for organizations handling sensitive information. That’s why the DTC4500e comes with advanced security features like password protection and data encryption, ensuring that your cards and data remain safe at all times.

What sets the DTC4500e apart is its flexibility. It can be easily integrated into existing systems, thanks to its compatibility with various encoding technologies. Whether you need to encode smart cards or magnetic stripes, the DTC4500e has you covered. Plus, its modular design allows for easy upgrades, so you can adapt to changing needs without having to invest in a new printer.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The DTC4500e is also eco-friendly, with energy-efficient design features that have earned it GreenCircle certification. Not only does this printer help reduce energy consumption, but it also supports your organization’s sustainability initiatives.

At IDSouq, we pride ourselves on offering the best Fargo ID card printers in Dubai. With the HID Fargo DTC4500e, you get reliability, performance, and security all in one package. So why wait? Upgrade your card printing capabilities today and experience the difference for yourself.

For more information about the HID Fargo DTC4500e, download the datasheet or contact us today. Trust IDSouq for all your card printing needs.

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