Cassida Neo Two Pocket Mix Value Counter And Sorter With Dual 12 Currency Detection

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  • Cassida-neo: Efficient multi-currency note counter.
  • Reliable: UV/MG counterfeit detection.
  • Fast: 1000 BPM and CPM.
  • Compact: Lightweight at 1.00 Kg.
  • Authentic: Trusted manufacturer from UAE.


Introducing the Cassida Neo Two Pocket Mix Value Counter and Sorter, a cutting-edge solution for efficient currency handling. This advanced machine is designed to streamline your cash management processes with its dual functionality, offering both mixed-value counting and multi-currency recognition capabilities. Whether you’re a small business, retail store, or financial institution, the Cassida Neo is the perfect tool to optimize your cash handling operations.

With its innovative design, the Cassida Neo allows you to count and sort mixed bills simultaneously, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to manual sorting and counting errors as this machine automatically identifies denominations, issues, faces, and orientations of banknotes. You can trust the Cassida Neo to provide fast and accurate results, ensuring that your cash transactions are processed efficiently.

One of the standout features of the Cassida Neo is its automatic currency recognition technology, which allows it to detect and process up to 12 different currencies. Whether you’re dealing with dollars, euros, pounds, or yen, this versatile machine has got you covered. Plus, with advanced dual CIS counterfeit detection, you can rest assured that your cash transactions are secure and protected against fraudulent activity.

The Cassida Neo offers several advantages that make it a must-have tool for any business or organization. Firstly, it provides fast and guaranteed accurate counting, allowing you to streamline your cash handling processes and improve overall efficiency. Additionally, its sort mode automatically separates mixed bills, making cash management easier than ever before. With alerts for changes in denomination and easy updates for newly issued bills or new currencies, the Cassida Neo ensures that you stay up-to-date with the latest currency changes.

To learn more about the Cassida Neo and its features, download the datasheet from the link provided. Invest in the Cassida Neo Two Pocket Mix Value Counter and Sorter today and experience the convenience and efficiency of automated cash handling. Trust IDSouq Online Store to deliver reliable products that meet your business needs.

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