Elock-600L-UL EM Lock with LED-Monitored-UL listed

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  • Enhanced security for Dubai premises.
  • Monitored electromagnetic lock solution.
  • Adjustable brackets for versatility.
  • Instant release push-off button.
  • Reliable security at IDSouq.


Looking to enhance the security of your premises in Dubai, UAE? IDSouq brings you the cutting-edge Elock-600L EM Lock with LED-Monitored Electromagnetic Door Lock. Designed to handle doors weighing up to 600lbs, this advanced lock ensures maximum security and peace of mind.

Equipped with an indication device, the Elock-600L allows you to effortlessly monitor the status of your premises, whether it’s open or closed. This feature is essential for maintaining tight security protocols and effectively managing access control.

The Elock-600L comes with adjustable brackets, catering to both outward and inward doors, making it versatile and suitable for various door configurations. Its specially designed brackets are perfect for glass door solutions, offering a seamless integration without compromising on security.

When it comes to specifications, IDSouq offers both the unmonitored model (elock-600) and the monitored model (elock-600L), providing you with options to suit your specific security needs. Additionally, the push-off button on the armature allows for instant release, ensuring quick and convenient access when required.

At IDSouq, we prioritize quality and reliability, ensuring that our customers receive top-notch security solutions at the best prices. Contact us today to avail of the Elock-600L EM Electromagnetic Door Lock and enhance the security of your premises with confidence.

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