Fargo 89200 HDP Cleaning Kit – includes 4 Printhead Cleaning Swabs, 10 Cleaning Cards, 10 Cleaning Pads and 3 Alcohol Cleaning Cards. Compatible with: HDP5000 and HDP5600

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  • 89200 Cleaning Kit for Fargo HDP5000
  • Complete Cleaning Kit Contents
  • Compatible with Fargo HDP5000
  • ID card printer maintenance essentials
  • Ensure optimal printer performance


Keep your Fargo HDP5000 and HDP5600 printers in pristine condition with the Fargo 89200 HDP Cleaning Kit, available at IDSouq Online Store. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to ensure optimal printing performance and quality, helping you maintain your printer for long-lasting reliability.

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent debris from accumulating within your printer’s internal print path, which can compromise image quality and potentially damage critical components like the print head. With routine cleanings and replacement of cleaning rollers, you can expect consistently excellent results and an extended lifespan for your card printer.

The Fargo 89200 HDP Cleaning Kit contains a variety of essential cleaning supplies, making it convenient and easy to maintain your printer. With 10 cleaning pads included, you can perform general cleaning tasks inside your printer, ensuring that dust and other particles are effectively removed to prevent any interference with the printing process.

Additionally, the kit features 4 printhead cleaning swabs designed specifically for thorough printhead cleaning and targeting other areas where dirt and debris may accumulate. These swabs allow you to precisely clean sensitive components, ensuring optimal printing quality without risking damage to delicate parts.

To clean the card rollers and ensure smooth card feeding, the kit provides 10 cleaning cards specially formulated for this purpose. These cleaning cards effectively remove any residue or contaminants from the rollers, helping to maintain consistent card output and reducing the risk of jams or other printing issues.

As an added bonus, the Fargo 89200 HDP Cleaning Kit also includes 3 Isopropyl alcohol cleaning cards, which are ideal for deep cleaning the card rollers and ensuring thorough maintenance. These alcohol cleaning cards provide an extra level of cleanliness, helping to remove stubborn debris and maintaining optimal printer performance.

Investing in the Fargo 89200 HDP Cleaning Kit is a smart choice for any HDP5000 or HDP5600 printer owner. By regularly cleaning and maintaining your printer with this comprehensive kit, you can enjoy reliable performance, excellent print quality, and prolonged longevity for your valuable printing equipment. Purchase yours today from IDSouq Online Store and keep your printer operating at its best.

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