Fargo HDP 84053 Film – Approximately 1,500 images.

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  • Genuine HDP Clear Transfer Film
  • 1500 Print Capacity
  • Compatible with Fargo HDP6600
  • High-Quality ID Card Printing
  • Reliable Printing Solution


Enhance the durability and protection of your customers’ ID cards with the Fargo 84900 standard clear film, specially crafted for compatibility with the advanced HDP6600 card printer. This film serves as a crucial component in safeguarding cards against daily wear and tear, ensuring longevity and maintaining a professional appearance.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the HDP6600 printer, the 84900 clear film adds a layer of laminate protection to the printed cards. This protection significantly reduces the risk of damage from abrasions, ensuring that your customers’ cards remain pristine even with regular use.

The printing process facilitated by the 84900 film is both efficient and precise. The card design is printed onto the film, which is then thermally bonded to the card surface. This meticulous process results in high-quality, detailed prints that meet the standards expected from Fargo products.

It’s important to note that the 84900 film is intended for use alongside the Fargo 84911 YMCK color ribbon. This combination ensures optimal performance and vibrant color reproduction, delivering professional-grade ID cards with every print.

Moreover, HDP film is an essential requirement for printing cards with Fargo HDP6600 high-speed printers. The innovative retransfer print process employed by these printers transfers the card image to the underside of the HDP film before applying it to the card surface. This method effectively encapsulates the printed image between the film and the card, ensuring durability and longevity.

For Fargo card printers to function at their best, it’s imperative to utilize specialized Fargo HDP film. This not only maximizes the quality of printed cards but also enhances the durability and longevity of the printer itself, minimizing maintenance requirements and ensuring consistent performance.

In summary, the Fargo 84900 standard clear film offers a reliable solution for enhancing card durability and print quality with the HDP6600 printer. By investing in this essential component, you’re not only ensuring customer satisfaction but also prolonging the lifespan of your printing equipment. Elevate your ID card printing capabilities with Fargo’s trusted technology and deliver professional results every time.

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