HP OneLam Combo A3 Laminator

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The HP OneLam 400 A4 Laminator is an ideal choice for those looking to protect and preserve their important documents, photographs, and business materials. This versatile laminator is suitable for both hot and cold lamination, accommodating a wide range of laminating pouches from 75 to 125 microns. Its user-friendly design ensures that even those new to laminating can achieve professional results with ease.

Key Features:

  1. Wide Format Compatibility: The HP OneLam 400 A4 Laminator supports documents up to A4 size, making it perfect for standard office documents, photos, and craft projects.
  2. Fast Warm-Up Time: With a warm-up time of just 2-4 minutes, this laminator is ready to go when you are, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.
  3. Intuitive Function Button: The laminator features an intuitive function button that allows you to switch between hot and cold lamination modes effortlessly.
  4. Versatile Lamination: Capable of laminating a variety of items, from business cards to larger A4 documents, ensuring that all your lamination needs are met.
  5. Compact and Lightweight: Weighing only 1.35 kg, the HP OneLam 400 A4 Laminator is easy to move and store, making it a convenient addition to any workspace.
  6. Durable Design: Built with quality in mind, this laminator ensures long-lasting performance, backed by a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • Protection and Preservation: Laminating your documents adds a layer of protection against spills, tears, and everyday wear and tear, ensuring they last longer.
  • Enhanced Presentation: Laminated documents have a professional look and feel, making them ideal for presentations, signage, and important records.
  • Easy to Use: The straightforward operation of the HP OneLam 400 A4 Laminator means that anyone can achieve high-quality results without the need for extensive training.
  • Increased Efficiency: With quick warm-up times and versatile pouch compatibility, you can laminate multiple documents quickly and efficiently.

Whether for home, school, or office use, the HP OneLam 400 A4 Laminator offers a reliable and effective solution for all your lamination needs. Protect your important documents and enhance their appearance with this dependable laminating machine.


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