MIFARE 1k NXP EV1 plastic cards with Hi-Co 2750oe magnetic stripe

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  • Mifare PVC1 Technology Cards: Hi-Co
  • NXP Mifare 1k Contactless Chip
  • White Core, 820 Micron Thickness
  • High-Co Magnetic Stripe Included
  • Reliable and Secure ID Solution
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Introducing MIFARE 1k Classic EV1 NXP genuine technology cards, meticulously crafted with advanced features to meet your identification needs. These cutting-edge blank white technology cards boast unparalleled quality and are fully compatible with all ID card printers, offering seamless overprinting capabilities. Each card is equipped with a contactless chip operating at 13.56MHz frequency, featuring a robust 1k memory size and a unique 4-byte UID number, ensuring reliability and security in every transaction.

Enhancing versatility, one side of these cards is equipped with a HiCo 2750oe magnetic stripe, facilitating smooth magnetic data encoding and decoding processes. This added functionality opens up a multitude of possibilities, allowing for seamless integration into various access control systems and applications.

Crafted to standard credit card dimensions (86mm x 54mm), these technology cards fit effortlessly into existing cardholder systems and wallets, ensuring hassle-free compatibility and convenience. Each pack contains 100 cards, shrink-wrapped individually to maintain pristine condition until use, providing peace of mind and efficiency in inventory management.

Furthermore, these technology cards come with a suite of additional features, including a durable PVC construction ensuring longevity and durability in diverse environments. While lacking a self-adhesive backing, signature panel, slot punch, or hole punch, these cards remain versatile and adaptable, catering to a wide range of applications and requirements.

Whether used for employee identification, access control, or membership cards, these MIFARE 1k Classic EV1 NXP technology cards deliver unmatched performance and reliability, making them an indispensable asset for businesses and organizations alike.

At IDSouq Online Store, we prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, offering premium products meticulously curated to meet your evolving needs. Elevate your identification solutions with these MIFARE technology cards, backed by the assurance of genuine NXP technology and unparalleled performance. Experience seamless integration, enhanced security, and effortless functionality with every use. Unlock endless possibilities and streamline your operations with IDSouq Online Store’s comprehensive range of identification solutions.

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