DESFire 8k NXP EV2 Cards – PVC1-MI8-D (Box of 200 cards)

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  • DESFire 8k EV2 NXP Cards
  • High-Quality RFID Access
  • Customizable White Design
  • Advanced Security Features
  • 8K Memory for Applications


Introducing the DESFire 8k Classic EV2 NXP cards, your ultimate solution for secure access control and identification needs. These blank white cards boast cutting-edge NXP technology, making them compatible with a wide range of access control systems and applications. Crafted with precision and reliability in mind, these cards come in dust-free packaging, ensuring pristine quality upon arrival. Their brilliant whiteness provides a blank canvas that’s endlessly customizable, making them perfect for overprinting with any ID card printer.

Each card houses a contactless chip operating at 13.56MHz, delivering lightning-fast processing speeds of up to 848 Kbts per second. With an impressive 8K byte memory size, these DESFire cards can accommodate multiple applications, ensuring versatility and efficiency in various settings. Notably, they offer more advanced security features compared to Mifare cards, providing peace of mind in safeguarding sensitive information.

Renowned for their popularity, these cards are trusted by thousands of organizations and individuals worldwide for their secure access control requirements. Designed in a standard credit card size (86mm x 54mm), they are convenient to carry and use on a daily basis.

However, it’s essential to beware of fake or clone NXP cards, which lack the reliability and security offered by authentic DESFire cards. To ensure authenticity and reliability, each pack of cards is shrink-wrapped with 100 cards per pack, guaranteeing their integrity and quality.

Compliant with all four levels of ISO/IEC 14443A standards, these cards meet the highest industry benchmarks for RFID technology. Their superior performance and reliability make them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

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