HID iCLASS 5006PGGMN Contactless Smart Cards Contactless Smart Cards -26Bit Format  H10301, Programmed ( 100 Pack)

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  • 13.56 MHz CLAMSHELL CARD, 8K Memory
  • White Gloss Finish, Seq Match
  • Smart Card Read Format
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HID Global’s iCLASS® Seos™ smart cards offer a cutting-edge solution for securing identities, providing advanced features tailored for both physical access control and IT resource management. These high-frequency contactless smart cards are engineered to deliver robust authentication, ensuring utmost security for enterprises and organizations. With an emphasis on interoperability and technology-independent security, iCLASS Seos cards are designed to support future technologies while safeguarding data integrity and privacy.

The iCLASS Seos smart cards boast strong authentication capabilities, making them the first choice for enterprises seeking comprehensive security solutions. They support a multi-layered security approach based on the portable Secure Identity Object (SIOs®) data model, ensuring heightened privacy protection by preventing the exchange of traceable identifiers during card sessions. This feature effectively mitigates the risk of data exposure or cloning.

Ideal for organizations with stringent security requirements, iCLASS Seos cards offer versatile functionality beyond physical access control. They are provisioned to support various applications, including One-Time Password authentication (OTP) for network login, making them a cost-effective solution for enterprise and government entities.

With superior data integrity and privacy protection, iCLASS Seos cards leverage advanced cryptographic algorithms and secure messaging protocols to safeguard data transmission between the card and reader. Their technology features include AES-128 bits encryption, mutual authentication, and a flexible data model for secure data storage.

Moreover, iCLASS Seos cards are designed for maximum interoperability, supporting ISO/IEC standards and featuring a universal card command interface. They are available with 8K or 16K memory options and can be customized with additional features such as magnetic stripes or custom graphics.

In terms of security features, iCLASS Seos cards offer programmable SIOs for each application, ensuring high resistance to common attacks such as man-in-the-middle or replay attacks. They also come with anti-counterfeiting features like holograms and Optical Variable Ink (OVI) for added security assurance.

With dimensions of approximately 3″ x 2″ and a frequency of 13.56 MHz, these CLAMSHELL CARDS are suitable for various applications. Whether securing physical access or managing IT resources, iCLASS Seos smart cards provide a reliable and efficient solution for organizations prioritizing security and efficiency in their operations.

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