Suprema FaceStation F2 – FSF2-ODB

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  • Cutting-edge Fusion Multimodal Terminal
  • Unmatched Face Recognition Precision
  • Enhanced Security, Data Encryption
  • Contactless, Post-pandemic Solution
  • Convenient, Versatile, Robust Authentication
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Introducing the cutting-edge <strong>Suprema FaceStation F2</strong>, a revolutionary fusion multimodal terminal that sets the bar for face recognition technology. Ideal for enhancing security measures in various settings, this state-of-the-art device boasts unparalleled performance and advanced features, making it a must-have for businesses and organizations seeking top-notch authentication solutions.

At the heart of the FaceStation F2 lies Suprema’s proprietary Fusion Matching technology, a fusion of infrared and visual face recognition coupled with deep learning algorithms. This fusion ensures exceptional authentication accuracy with an industry-leading False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of 1 in 10 billion, setting a new standard for security.

Notably, the FaceStation F2 offers a multifaceted approach to authentication, supporting various credentials such as face, fingerprint, cards, and mobile access. Its versatility extends to dual frequency access cards, NFC, BLE-based Mobile Access Cards, and Template on Card functionality, providing users with flexible options tailored to their specific needs.

In response to evolving safety concerns, the FaceStation F2 introduces contactless solutions designed for the post-pandemic world. Features like remote user enrollment, mask detection, and thermal imaging integration enable heightened security measures without compromising user convenience.

Security remains paramount with the FaceStation F2, which boasts robust device security and data encryption. Built on the Android platform, it encrypts all biometric credentials and personal information while safeguarding data through a secure boot process, ensuring peace of mind for users and administrators alike.

With an enterprise-level memory capacity, the FaceStation F2 effortlessly accommodates large user volumes, supporting up to 100,000 users and extensive logs for efficient management and tracking. This capacity, combined with improved user convenience features like a 7″ LCD screen and extended recognition distance range, makes it an ideal solution for diverse environments.

Thanks to its advanced IR recognition technology and IP65 rating, the FaceStation F2 delivers uninterrupted face recognition even in challenging lighting conditions while offering durability against dust and water damage.

In summary, the Suprema FaceStation F2 represents the pinnacle of biometric authentication technology, combining unmatched performance, versatility, and security features. Elevate your security infrastructure with the FaceStation F2 and experience the future of authentication. Download the datasheet now to learn more.

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