Thales Gemalto AT9000 MK2 RFID Passport Scanner

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  • Compact full-page scanner
  • Trusted choice for border control
  • Authenticates multiple document types
  • Fast, efficient, accurate reading
  • Thales Gemalto Document Reader
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Introducing the Thales Gemalto AT9000 MK2 RFID, a cutting-edge document reader revolutionizing identification processes worldwide. This compact yet powerful device is the cornerstone of efficient border control, renowned for its unparalleled ability to swiftly and accurately authenticate a myriad of document types. From passports and ePassports to ID cards, national IDs, visas, military CAC cards, and driver’s licenses, the AT9000 MK2 ensures seamless verification with ease.

At IDSouq Online Store, we proudly offer the AT9000 MK2, the ultimate solution for all your document reading needs. With support for 1D and 2D barcodes, including Aztec, DataMatrix, PDF417, and QR Code, this versatile reader ensures comprehensive coverage, effortlessly scanning printed documents and even mobile phones.

But what sets the AT9000 MK2 apart goes beyond its remarkable reading capabilities. It boasts maximum flexibility in systems integration, making it a breeze to incorporate into existing setups. Thanks to its intuitive software development kit, transitioning to a new reader is seamless, with demos, code samples, and utilities provided for smooth operation.

Experience unparalleled convenience with the AT9000 MK2’s one-step scanning feature, coupled with automatic document detection. Say goodbye to cumbersome scanning processes as the device’s “Active video” document detection system effortlessly reads documents from any orientation or angle.

Delve into the details of the AT9000 MK2, and you’ll discover a world of innovative features designed to enhance your workflow. Its ability to read and process images from various documents with speed and precision ensures optimal efficiency. The removable cover enables hoodless operation, while reflection removal and enhanced color fidelity guarantee superior image quality.

Moreover, the AT9000 MK2 is equipped to handle ICAO-compliant and non-compliant travel documents, providing comprehensive coverage for all your authentication needs. Its robust construction, featuring reliable static parts and dust-sealed optics rated to IP50, ensures durability even in harsh environments.

Ergonomically designed for ease of use, the AT9000 MK2 is a full-page reader that excels in identification and full authentication tasks. Compact yet powerful, measuring just 162 (w) x 190 (d) x 157 (h) mm, it seamlessly integrates into any workspace without compromising on performance.

Upgrade your identification processes with the AT9000 MK2, available now at IDSouq Online Store. Experience efficiency, accuracy, and reliability like never before with this state-of-the-art document reader.

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