YMCK: Full-color ribbon with resin black panel – 750 images. Compatible with: HDP6600

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  • Genuine Fargo Color Ribbons: 84911
  • HDP6600 ID Card Printer Compatible
  • Authorized Fargo Reseller Product
  • High-Quality Color Ribbon Supplies
  • Ideal for ID Card Printing


Ensure optimal printing performance for your ID card needs with the YMCK Full-color ribbon with resin black panel, offering a substantial yield of 750 images. Designed for compatibility with the powerful HDP6600 ID card printer, this genuine Fargo ribbon guarantees exceptional results for your card printing projects.

The FARGO HDP6600 is a cutting-edge, high-speed dual-sided retransfer printer, setting new standards in card printing efficiency and quality. With the YMCK ribbons tailored for dual-sided printing, you can achieve vibrant, full-color imagery on both sides of your cards, meeting the demands of professional identification applications.

Understanding the composition of printer ribbons is essential for optimizing printing outcomes. Each panel serves a specific function in the printing process, contributing to the overall quality and durability of the printed cards. The YMCK ribbon combines Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and Black resin panels, enabling comprehensive color printing and sharp, composite black text. For precise barcode printing and crisp black text, the dedicated Black resin (K) panel ensures unmatched clarity and readability.

Moreover, familiarizing yourself with common ribbon panels enhances your printing knowledge and capability. Panels such as Overlay (O) provide a protective finish for enhanced card durability, while Ultraviolet (Uv) panels enable the printing of hidden text and graphics visible only under ultraviolet light. Inhibitor (I) panels restrict printing in specific areas, offering enhanced security features.

For cost-effective printing solutions without compromising quality, consider Half-Panel Color Ribbons like the ymcKO variant. With half-sized Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan panels alongside full-sized Black and Overlay panels, these ribbons offer flexibility and savings, particularly when color printing is required on only a portion of the card.

Investing in genuine Fargo Color Ribbons ensures seamless compatibility, superior performance, and extended shelf life of up to one year, guaranteeing consistent, professional-grade results for your ID card printing needs. Trust IDSouq Online Store for all your Fargo ribbon requirements, and experience unmatched quality and reliability in every print.

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