HID iCLASS 2000HPGGMN Contactless Smart Cards -26Bit Format  H10301, Programmed ( 100 Pack)

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  • iCLASS Card, 2k Bits
  • Secure Access Control, 2 App Areas
  • Glossy White Finish, Front/Back
  • Sequential Matching Encoding, No Punch
  • High-Security Access Card, Programmed
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Enhance your access control systems with the cutting-edge technology of iCLASS® smart cards, meticulously designed to revolutionize security and convenience. Unlike traditional 125 kHz frequency technologies, iCLASS® smart cards operate on the advanced 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card platform, offering unparalleled versatility and security across various applications.

iCLASS® smart cards facilitate seamless interoperability in diverse scenarios including access control, network log-on security, cashless vending, time and attendance tracking, event management, and biometric identification. They ensure robust security through mutual authentication between the card and reader, encrypted data transfer, and the use of 64-bit diversified keys for read/write capabilities. However, recognizing the evolving landscape of security threats, iCLASS® smart cards incorporate additional features to safeguard against modern hacking techniques.

Compliant with ISO standards for card size and thickness, iCLASS® smart cards are compatible with direct image and thermal transfer printers. Their graphics quality surface is optimized for superior Photo ID printing, catering to various customization needs. These cards are available in standard PVC construction or a composite polyester/PVC blend, ensuring durability even in high-wear environments.

Key features of the 200x iCLASS Smart Card include its high-speed communication capabilities, support for various HID card formats including Corporate 1000, and the flexibility to field-program existing HID formats onto the card. With memory configurations ranging from 2k bit to 32k bit, these cards offer unparalleled versatility for different applications.

Additionally, iCLASS® smart cards boast a typical maximum read range ranging from 2.0 to 4.5 inches, depending on installation conditions. Their dimensions adhere to industry standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of card readers.

At IDSouq Online Store, we offer these state-of-the-art iCLASS® smart cards with a lifetime warranty, providing you with peace of mind and reliability for your access control needs. Choose from various specifications including color, frequency, memory size, and product type to tailor your security solution precisely to your requirements. Upgrade your security infrastructure today with iCLASS® smart cards from IDSouq Online Store.

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