ZKTeco SpeedFace-V5L[TI] Time Attendance

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  • ZKTeco-V5L(TI) with Mask Detection
  • Body Temperature Monitoring Feature
  • Precise Temperature Measurement Distance
  • Ideal for Health and Safety
  • Advanced Security Solutions Available
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ZKTeco SpeedFace-V5L[TI] Time Attendance, a cutting-edge solution integrating advanced biometric authentication with state-of-the-art temperature detection technology. Ideal for managing time attendance efficiently while prioritizing health and safety in various environments, this innovative device boasts a plethora of features tailored to meet contemporary demands.

At the forefront of its capabilities lies visible light facial recognition, ensuring swift and accurate identification of individuals. Gone are the days of cumbersome touch-based systems; the SpeedFace-V5L[TI] offers touchless biometric authentication, promoting better hygiene and minimizing the risk of germ transmission. This touchless approach extends to its temperature detection feature, providing a non-intrusive method of monitoring individuals’ body temperatures with remarkable precision.

Equipped with thermal imaging temperature detection, the SpeedFace-V5L[TI] achieves rapid temperature readings in just 0.1 seconds, covering a measurement distance ranging from 30 to 120 centimeters. Its anti-spoofing algorithm adds an extra layer of security, safeguarding against various fraudulent attempts such as print attacks, videos attacks, and 3D mask attacks.

Versatility is a key characteristic of the SpeedFace-V5L[TI], offering multiple verification methods including face, palm, fingerprint, and password authentication. This flexibility ensures seamless integration into diverse operational environments, catering to unique preferences and requirements.

Furthermore, the device boasts impressive specifications designed to enhance user experience and performance. With a large capacity for storing facial, palm, and fingerprint data, it accommodates up to 6,000 faces, 3,000 palms, and 6,000 fingerprints (expandable to 10,000). Its extensive transaction log capability supports up to 200,000 records, providing comprehensive data management.

Powered by a robust hardware configuration including a 900MHz dual-core CPU and ample memory, the SpeedFace-V5L[TI] delivers exceptional processing power and reliability. Its intuitive 5-inch touch screen display ensures user-friendly interaction, while communication interfaces such as TCP/IP, WiFi (optional), Wiegand input/output, and RS485 facilitate seamless connectivity.

In conclusion, the ZKTeco SpeedFace-V5L[TI] redefines time attendance management by seamlessly integrating advanced biometric authentication with cutting-edge temperature detection technology. Combining efficiency, reliability, and hygiene, it offers a comprehensive solution for organizations prioritizing both security and wellness in today’s dynamic world. Experience the future of time attendance with the SpeedFace-V5L[TI] from IDSouq Online Store.

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